The social landscape is changing. Diversity, inclusion and sustainability are more than just trendy millennial buzzwords and consumers are demanding that brands embrace this new paradigm throughout every aspect of their company. It is no longer enough for brands to just tick the diversity and inclusion boxes. Navigating this sensitive and complex landscape can be daunting and riddled with pitfalls for many brands. One misstep can invoke blistering and lightning-fast responses from consumers globally with devastating consequences for the brand.

Bringing talent and brands together in this new world is where Dawn Mason excels; Seat At The Table consultancy is a new division within the agency, working closely with brands to develop diversity and inclusion strategies, both consumer-facing and in-house.

Explains Mason, “We now live in a time when people are able to open themselves up to so many different lives; indeed, to live as their true self. With this comes different beliefs, sexualities, races, genders, physical capabilities. Unfortunately, not all of these groups are fully, honestly and reflectively represented, if at all.

Seat At The Table aims to change this. Not by way of a fad, but by the need and want to create a platform where a person can see themselves and be heralded; given the chance to be all that they can be, whilst also being protected and just… included.

Seat At The Table is the service for brands which want to navigate the new normal in a way that is organic; which want to secure partnerships with talent that go beyond face value; and which ultimately want to reach and engage with audiences in a way that is authentic.

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